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Selecting the right Medical Billing Company from among all of the Medical Billing Services available is one of the most crucial business decisions a physician, practice manager or facility administrator can make. Unfortunately, with over 7,000 Medical Billing Companies in the United States, the decision making process can be quite difficult.


The process of creating a list of possible Medical Billing Services, developing and testing your decision making criteria, contacting and interviewing the Medical Billing Companies on your list, developing a short list of possible Medical Billing Services you like, checking each Medical Billing Companies references, negotiating deal terms with your top Medical Billing Services and reviewing the Medical Billing contracts can take weeks. This is time that physicians and practice managers simply do not have.


We can help. We offer a number of products and services that can streamline your Medical Billing Services search and lead to superior end results. Our services include:


  • Buying Guide - A report that outlines the best Medical Billing Services selection process including:
    • How to decide if outsourcing to a Medical Billing Company makes sense for you
    • How to quickly develop a list of potential Medical Billing Services
    • The questions you should ask each of your Medical Billing Service candidates (and, of course, the answers you are seeking)
    • The best practice for Medical Billing Services reference checking and the questions you should be asking
    • How to understand a Medical Billing Service provider's cost position and negotiate the best deal possible
    • Potential "red flags" in a Medical Billing Services contract
    • How to deal with the transition from your old provider (or in-house billing) to your new Medical Billing Company
    • What metrics you should be monitoring month-to-month to know if your Medical Billing Company is performing well


  • Report Cards - A list of Medical Billing Services that have already been put through the selection process outlined above. We provide an overall grade, plus a criteria by criteria breakdown comparison of more than 200 Medical Billing Companies.

  • Financial Assessment - We provide an in-depth analysis of the financial stability of any medical services company. This analysis utilizes public information, purchased information from financial reporting services and proprietary information from interviews with the company and its key vendors. Why purchase a generic financial assessment when Medical Billing Services Buying Guide provides one that accounts for the specific financial issues faced by medical service companies.


  • Personalized selection process - We will take your own list of potential Medical Billing Services and quickly and accurately apply our proven selection process to find the best Medical Billing Company for your practice or facility.





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