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This page includes an excerpt from the Medical Billing Services Buying Guide. The excerpt is from the section on questions that you should ask potential Medical Billing Services


How comprehensive are the Medical Billing Services included in the quoted fee?


  1. Is all reporting included (including unlimited custom reporting)?
  2. Are Practice Analysis and Practice Management services included in the basic cost? How often is each done? Is the service one where you primarily generate reports or do you actually make recommendations (e.g., you should increase your fees on these 5 procedures)?
  3. Do you input my contract allowables and compare payments to these automatically? If you input the allowables, how often do you update them?
  4. How many patient statements do you send per patient? Does it cost extra if I want to send more?
  5. Do you offer a "scrubber"? If you do, it it simply the claims editing utility provided by your clearing house or is it a system that applies the full set of rules that payers use in deciding if they will pay claims (e.g., does the scrubbing look for diagnosis/procedure mismatches? Does the scrubber look for bundling issues?)
  6. Are there any additional Medical Billing fees other than the percentage of collections (i.e., cost for training, scheduler, database access or creations, etc.)?


What is the quality of the Medical Billing Services follow-up provided?


  1. What are your clients average days in AR? How much does your average client have paid within 60 days? How much within 120 days?
  2. Do you proactively call patients as part of patient follow-up? If so, how do you decide which patients to call?


How secure is my data with your Medical Billing Company?


  1. Will anybody that is involved in servicing my account, creating databases, mailing patient statements, touching my claims or speaking with my patients be located outside the US?
  2. Do you own and control your billing technology or are your using someone else's ASP offering?
  3. Do you store original documentation electronically?



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