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Medical Billing Services Sample Report Card Overview


The full report includes report cards on over 200 Medical Billing Services. This page shows a small sample of the Medical Billing Company overview grades we provide. With Medical Billing Services grades ranging from A+ to F, it is critical to have these report cards before you make a final selection of your Medical Billing Service provider. 


                                                         Overall      Brief

Medical Billing Services        Grade      Description


1StopMDoffice                                         A        Good regional billing service              

AAA+ Billing                                            D        Small, home-based biller

Automated Medical Services                     A-       Good regional billing service

Automated Medical Billing                         B       Sub-scale regional billing service

Cardiology Billing Partners                        A        Strong national specialty focused billing service

ClaimCare Medical Billing Services            A+      Outstanding national billing service

Medical Billing & Management Services     B+      Strong regional billing service

Neltner Billing and Consulting                    A-       Strong specialized (oncology) billing service

Trust First Medical Billing                          F        New, small, home-based biller

Universal Billing                                        D+      Established home-based billing service

Youngstown Medical Services                    C        Regional service, data entry outsourced to India


In addition to giving you the overall grade on more than 200 Medical Billing Services, the full report also provides you the following on each Medical Billing Company in the report:


  • A breakdown of how the Medical Billing Services grade was determined
  • A summary of key strengths and weaknesses of the Medical Billing Company
  • Negotiation tips to use with the selected Medical Billing Service



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